Space Between, The

Marco (Flavio Parenti) is a 35 year-old ex-chef who has given up his career and any sense of hope to return to Udine in Northern Italy to nurse his ailing father. Even when offered a job at an illustrious Melbourne restaurant, he declines using his father as the excuse. When tragedy strikes, the only glimmer of joy arrives in the form of Olivia (Maeve Dermody), a spirited young Australian chasing her dream of working in design while on a family mission in Udine. Amidst the stunning vineyards, jagged mountains and electric blue sea of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, these two very different people find themselves at a crossroads that will change their lives forever. Directed by Ruth Borgobello, THE SPACE BETWEEN is the very first Australian/Italian film co-production and beautifully illustrates the links between the two nations with a pulsating love story that basks in the invigorating sunshine of Udine. Some Italian language, English subtitles.
Thursday, 20th July
Friday, 21st July
Saturday, 22nd July
Sunday, 23rd July

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Rating M
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 99