In This Corner of the World

A stunning hand-drawn animation that focuses on a young woman’s experiences in the lead up to the Second World War in Japan, Sunao Katabuchi’s IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD is a touching story that examines what it means to have dreams in the face of war. Suzu, a teenage girl with a passion for drawing, comes of age in the mid-1930s in a port town close to Hiroshima. As she grows older and marries a young clerk, Suzu has to develop the forbearance to manage a household in the midst of war time, when the daily loss of life’s amenities is in freefall and impending catastrophe is on the horizon. Gloriously animated with a style reminiscent of watercolours, IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD is another example of the strength and variety of Japan’s animation industry, resulting in a wondrously subtle and moving work of art. Japanese language, English subtitles

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Rating M
Genre Animated
Running Time 130